Precision Electromech is a manufacturing firm based out of Bangalore with its existence of about 10 yrs in Design and Development of Electromechanical Components, Mechanical enclosures, Milling, Sheet metal Punching and job work. The team constitutes of a group of engineers having 100+ years of combined industry experience in Analysis Led Design (ALD). We provide one stop solution for all Engineering needs right from concept design to release of manufacturing drawings and can also cater to proto building and testing.

  • Rakesh Rao
    CTO, Metal Design Works
    Precision Electromech has an exceptional team. Their passion towards getting things done right at the first time is amazing, which when combined with their strong technical and business expertise helped us in immeasurable ways. We would love to work with them again.
  • Suresh Baliga
    Design Lead, BLM Solutions
    At Precision Electromech, we found a great team with with strong technical and analytical skills. They handled some of the most complex scenarios and technical challenges that we faced over the course of the project. We would recommend them to anyone facing challenges with design.
  • Surya Rangappa
    Project Manager, JXR India
    PEM was the point of contact for manufacturing for our company. They helped design and manufacture equipment just like we wanted; their detail-oriented approach & staying focused on the customer needs were the primary reasons why we love them. We would love to work with them again.
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